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The Daily Grind, and Frustrations, of a working photograher...

So as I'm doing more and more work with clients, this seems to be a larger and harder task to accomplish as my jobs have been getting bigger.

People don't always know what they want, therefore a lot of research is needed to make for a happy client. For example, I'm working on designing a lot of banners for a booth with the company I work with part-time. I am working with the event director in charge of getting everything done. She came to me this past monday and said everything needs to be printed by Thursday(tomorrow). I have been working on these for about 4 hours today, I've put in around 20 hours total. I have barely started to get the graphic design portion done, most of it's been actually researching the company.

I got a text from another member of the staff and she wants a banner made up for her division of the department. 4 5x3' posters needed by tomorrow afternoon and I don't even have them designed.

Then it's with smaller clients such as a person with senior portraits. I had a girl come call me yesterday asking if I could re-edit and reprint her photos. She wanted this done for free, but she would pay for the prints. I explained that it's not that simple.

Not really sure the point of this thread, I dunno, maybe this is kind of a rant or maybe just a log or something.

Anyone else know what I mean?
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