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As to the "20ft" rule. My local field has a 10-20ft aggression rule (in the woods). This means if someone is behind a bunker, and i can manage to get with 10ft of said bunker w/o them shooting me, they are out. Same thing if both players are not behind bunkers, and the one is not actively attempting to prevent the other from advancing, and the other is the aggressor, once inside that bubble, the refs will call the defensive person out.

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Sneaking up and surrendering has its place, especially if you are way behind enemy lines, and shooting will only alert the entire base of your presence. Where barrel tagging is quiet, and effective for multiple "assassins creed style" kills.
Nice Deadman's walk to get into their HQ...i can't see any other reason why all of those reds that walked right past you wouldn't have shot you, unless you were doing your best to look dead. Poor show man, poor show.

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