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I assume every field has people asking rather illogical questions and making foolish demands. The other week a client came to us with an update for their project. They wanted us to sign off on all tests on it so things could move forward before the end of day.

1. They got the project in our hands at noon their time, their company is on the west coast, we're on the east, so it was 4 our time. "Luckily" our office works till 6 most of the time to help deal with issues like this.
2. We had been working on their last submission for nearly a week to finish all tests they required.
3. An update basically invalidates nearly all previous tests, and they must be conducted again.
4. They did not want to pay for additional staff to split up the work load...

But I will say that they are great clients to work with in that case, simply because I happen to know several members of the upper management of their parent company. Few things bring more job satisfaction than being able to call a person up, explain what is going on, and then get the okay to call up the person who was annoying you and tell them they're being an idiot and that they can go do unchristian things with a large cactus.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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