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Originally Posted by ApoC_101 View Post
uhhh... what? I run Inventor 2012 on a 700 dollar laptop no problem... if SW actually needs that, it's a bloated waste of space
Originally Posted by desertT1 View Post
Unless you are designing an entire car on your laptop, I don't think you need absolute top of the line stuff. As far as what to get, that's not where I can help much.

Is OpenOffice an option? That would lower the cost a decent amount.
Heh, I dare to dream big (Part of the Formula SAE team...)
Aaaand we basically have to redesign it from the ground up every year hahaha

But I see your point, many affordable laptops could suffice. But at that point maybe I could spend the money on an OSX upgrade, bootcamping into Windows 7, and running with my Macbook Pro (2.4Ghz Intel Duo with Nvidia Geforce 8600 Gt) and actually be able to run Solidworks reliably?

Posts on Mac forums about incompatibility issues (Drivers and stuff) discouraged me from going that route... because I have little to no idea what I am doing Thats what spurs my need for a supported graphics card.

Haven't heard of OpenOffice, I'll look into it.
Originally Posted by O'Lane View Post
...So if you've got the money, I'd recommend it. Also, check with your colleges software center, often times they'll have free downloads for microsoft office and other common programs. And make sure you purchase it as a "student" as lenovo will give you some money off. I got mine with a carrying case, bluetooth mouse and cable lock for under $1,600 including taxes and shipping. Your price seems a bit high.
Will do I forgot to add the student discount in...
The more I think about it, the more I want one. But will the investment actually last for a few years? Before hardware requirements change again?

Thanks for the replies!
Spanko to the rescue

Originally Posted by heinous View Post
lol can't talk eh? boy is mar gonna have a field day (and night) with you.
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I wonder if I can put a pumpkin on the CNC mill? Hmmmmm.... (toddles off toward shop)
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