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Originally Posted by Lohman446 View Post
At what point should the refs step in. I recall at one time we were playing with a group and it came down to a couple of us against a kid in a fairly short bunker. He was hunkered down and two of the players on my side were assuring, through firepower, that he would not come out either side. I stepped around the bunker I was in and walked towards his bunker with my marker aimed at the top of it. Once I got within a few feet the ref that was just outside of my teammates paint called him out. No I had not made the move but the kid had no idea I was coming and would not have had a chance.

I understand in a tournament "all bets are off" so to speak but there has to be some level of restraint in rec ball
Granted this is just my opinion, but in my mind, 1 or 2 shots from close up IS restraint. If a person thinks that's unbearable, I don't think they should be playing paintball. This is isn't golf, it's a sport where the primary objective is to shoot other people with pellets full of paint at 280-300fps. If you can't handle that, you shouldn't play. Same reason why I don't spar with MMA fighters.

I understand not wanting to beat up on renters, as I always play pistol or pump in the rare occasion that I play recball against renters/newbs, but stuff happens and the refs can only be so many places and looking so many directions at once. But if a player decides to stay in the game when he's knows he's outnumbered and outgunned, in my mind, he's saying "ok, let's do this". No one is forcing him to stay in.

Case in point- I had an incident at a scenario where an experienced player (he is on a team we play with and against on a regular basis), ran into the inside of a short enclosed trailer that I was already using the outside of as a bunker. This was at the front of the skirmish line at the time. So basically, I'm on the back side of this thing, and he's on the inside, the only thing separating us is a thin wall. My teammate alerts me that he ran in there, and I start checking each side to make my move. I'm pretty well covered on either side by his teammates, so if I move on him, it's going to be a 1-for-1 at best, no chance otherwise. Suddenly, I hear him yelling to the people covering him "Hey, make sure he doesn't come around on the other side!"... So I know he's about to go for it and come after me. I decide to beat him to the punch, run around the less covered side, double tap him in the gut from about 10 feet, and call myself out as a hail of paintballs from his team nail me.

He proceeds to bitch and cry about the 20 foot rule the field we were at had in place.

Was I supposed to come around and tell him to surrender with 6 of his team training their guns on me? Would he have done the same when he came around on me(with 6 of MY team training their guns on HIM) had I not beat him to the punch? He ran into that trailer knowing full well that I was there with two other people (who got tagged by the time I ran on him). To me, that was him acknowledging that all bets were off at that point. Was I wrong? Should I have just sat there wasting paint or waiting for him to come around on me instead? I don't think so. I believe when you knowingly run into a bunker in close proximity to a player on the opposing team you're waiving any rights to the 20 foot or surrender rules.
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