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I have it happen atleast once a day when playing with rentals/pickups. It urks me the most when i'm with a few guys (on a fairly open fort field) then i bump up to the next set of bunkers, start shooting around the side of it, then *wack* right in the back of my head..."oh sorry, i though b/c the color of your headwrap you were that one guy on the other team." And every time i reply, and the fact i was shooting UP their hill, at the other team, away from you didn't clue you in?

Though, as a veteran play, i will admit i've had my own share of team kills. But in most of those situations, its rather safe than sorry, and as long as we win the game its alot easier to ask forgiveness. When you lose...well, watch your

I think i even had 1 or 2 from TWC this year in Michigan. Last year when i was outside the wall of one of the forts, in a peaking match with the guy inside/up-the-stairs, then got lit up by atleast two friendlies who were approaching the base.

I just remind ppl after they shoot me, is next time, pay more attention to the direction our line is moving, and which way i'm pointed, looking, and moving. Also helps to note on which side of the bunker i was on...
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