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Originally Posted by toneg28 View Post
Yes they are. I've had everything between a Pro-Lite and a Crossover and all have been labeled as made in USA. I guess they import some parts now but I'm not sure.
I'm in the manufacturing business. It's what I do.

"Made in the USA" is a joke. It's as honest a statement as this award.

Our USA based contract manufacturing business utilizes factories in India, Malaysia, and Germany. It is extremely common for our customers to have us print "made in the USA" on products we make overseas.

Typically they will use their American factories for expedited orders and to keep up the whole 'patriotic' image, while making most of the product overseas. I'm not saying this is what Tippmann does. I'm saying I would be surprised if Tippmann DIDN'T do this.

The award, much like Tippmann, is a testament to branding.
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