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Originally Posted by Falconpunch01 View Post
Ok thank you!. The freak inserts will act as a detent if I remember right ?
yes, if you underbore (run an insert smaller than the paint)

Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
also you need to read this part really good not sure if you know this or been told this but people where will shine in on this. over the years the phantom had 3 change to gun. the first one does not let remove barrel. the second had removable barrel but threading is little different from the third he made the threading different on third so it can use bored out barrels that use freaks. .
sort of.

original phantoms were unibodies (unremovable barrel built onto the breech)
the original phantoms with threaded barrels had LOOSE tolerance on the threads
the new phantom barrels with TIGHTER tolerance may/may not (usually not) fit the old ones, but the old barrels should fit the new ones

i'd guess 95% of the phantoms being used are the new style (i need to ask mike if he know exactly when it happened)

i can freak bore both of them, i just need to dimension the oring groove, on some it was really thin and not safe because of the loose tolerancing

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