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Originally Posted by Sfy03 View Post
I know...I just prefer to use a lawyer who I can blame if something isn't done right...I can claim negligence on his behalf
The problem with that is, if things go terribly bad, you'll still be the one sitting in a cell next to "Tiny" while trying to appeal your way out.

Originally Posted by Lead-Foot View Post
Ill see what's up when the date gets closer.

I've been playing a lot of mw3 on Xbox live and getting my *** handed to me. I was 6/14 last night in a good game. My gamer tag is tomcross13. For whoever wants to team up.
I have it but I won't play online. BF3 is where it's at. I can't stand the COD gameplay outside of the campaign.

Originally Posted by Sfy03 View Post
So I was just browsing the forums, and stumbled across the "MCB Patch Fundraiser" -- I know it is SEVERAL months old, but I saw the winners list... Deuce - I assume you know you won, and got the Blazer? I looked back around the June thread posts in here and never saw you or anyone mention it..did you get the gun, or am I missing something????
As pointed out, it was lost en route to me. There was a mixup with the shipping address and UPS wasn't willing to fix the issue. Nish is good people, he's not a scammer so please let's not go there. I've dealt with him numerous times and even played a Castle with him. He's solid.

Actually, I owe him contact info so he can get ahold of the Sheriffs office down there. I need to get on that today after I finish getting the house ready for my sons party tomorrow.

It sucks that someone stole it (b/c that's what it is, theft) but that's beyond the control of Nish and I.
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