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I own a Crossover, and an Etha, along with several other markers. The Crossover is an EXCELLENT marker. The Etha definitely wins in Semi-only fire rate, but that is where that competition ends. The Etha is also much lighter, if that matters to anyone.

I shoot the Crossover in mech mode only. I don't even have a battery installed. It is a tough as nails marker, and speaking of nails, it is a tack driver!!! When it comes to accuracy, I'll put it up against my CCM's.

As far as the hating on Tippmann goes, haters are gonna' hate. Nothing you can do about that. I can tell you for certain that the Tippmann Crossover is made in Ft. Wayne, IN.
I finally decided to start a thread for my Feedback:

Rocking it for the Fringe Division!

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