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OK, this is why "anti-kink" internals were invented. Because the sear latches the bolt in one place, the pressure from the compressed spring causes the bolt and hammer to seperate opposite the sear. This seperation causes drag and in exterme cases, inability to move the bolt/hammer assembly into "battery". You'll need to unlatch the sear from the bolt, and remove the internals. You could use a weaker main spring, but I reccomend aftermarket internals. Phantom, LAPCO or used AGS/TASO will do nicely. Plus you;ll get the added feature of adjustable velocity internals. Dan Bacci (Welcome to should have what you need if you're looking for "classic" parts. Titus (Celanis Paintball) could get you a set of Phantom internals which with a little modification would change this old tired Nelly into a real heartbreaker. It's amazing what a 3 hole valve tube can do to a Nelly, not to mention a set of refined internals.
Good Luck, post or PM me if'n you need more help.
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