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In stock at SSC! Hard and Soft Goods!

Im takin inventory on my day off!
This thread will get cleaned up and organized by the end of the day :P

SSC Hard Goods
Item - Quantity - Price

Trifluted Hammers - 17 - $35 Shipped USA
Polished Bolts w/ Oring TPC - 20 - $25 Shipped USA
*Buy a Bolt/Hammer/TPC Combo for $55*

SSC Speedstick - 27 - $17.50 Shipped USA

Promaster LPR (raw 6061) - 5 - $20 Shipped USA

Stainless Steel Autococker Valve Tools - 16 - $17.50 Shipped USA
Trilly to 2k Pump Kit Adapter - 12 - $15 Shipped USA

Pump Militia Soft Gear
Style - Size (quantity)

T's $17.50 Shipped USA
Black T - S(1), M(5), L(1), XL(9), XXL(7), 3XL(1), 4XL(1)
Camo T - S(1), M(2), L(2), XL(3), XXL(1), 3XL(0), 4XL(0)
Olive T - S(1), M(2), L(5), XL(0), XXL(2), 3XL(1), 4XL(0)
Red T - S(0), M(0), L(5), XL(3), XXL(0), 3XL(0), 4XL(0)

Long Sleeve $22.50 Shipped USA
Black Long Sleeve - S(2), M(1), L(5), XL(0), XXL(7), 3XL(3), 4XL(1)
Olive Long Sleeve - S(1), M(1), L(2), XL(0), XXL(1), 3XL(0), 4XL(0)

Vneck $22.50 Shipped USA
Black Vneck - S(1), M(1), L(3), XL(1), XXL(0), 3XL(1), 4XL(0)
Red Vneck - S(1), M(2), L(1), XL(0), XXL(0), 3XL(0), 4XL(0)

Hoodies $30 Shipped USA
Black Hoody - S(0), M(2), L(1), XL(1), XXL(0), 3XL(0), 4XL(0)

I will post pics ASAP
(some pics below, better pics today)

International Shipping
$2.50 for small parts
$5.00 for Softgear


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