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Femme Fatale Dye DM4 1 of 150 with CP reg and on/off asa For Trade

I recently got this in a trade and decided to put it up for trade. If I don't find a good trade then I will just try to sell.
So with that being said as far as trades go offer up your other electro's, I'd really like an alien or maybe an etek 2 but I'll look at anything. As far as buying price I'll just put it at $200.

The marker comes with the stock Ultralight barrel and has a CP V3 regulator and a Hybrid Rail with a CP on/off asa with bleed. I completely went through and cleaned and lubed this marker and bought a new rear frame screw because the original one was stripped. The gun fires very smoothly but it seems to fire regardless of a ball being in the breach or not so the eyes may need to be replaced but other than that it's great. For a 8 year old gun it does have some cosmetic wear, most by the one eye cover.

Now for the pics:

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