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Dye Invision Mask Question

Hey guys, I'm not getting much help on PbNation, so I'm hoping this place is as great as everyone says! I am not sure this is the right forum, but it definitely didn't seem like the wrong forum.

So, I just purchased a DYE invision off of eBay "New in Box."
I had one years ago when this model had first come out, but I can't recall the answer to the question that follows.

I began to peel back the blue lens protector and I looked through the mask when I noticed I had a black line through my line of site..nothing necessarily unbearable, but I would like to know if this is just how the masks are.

What it looks like to me is there is a black foam piece in between the inner and outter lens that doesn't go around the entire border, but actually comes in a little on either side. The only reason I ask is because it's exactly the same on either side. I took a crappy picture, if you can look through the flash reflection, perhaps you can understand the question better.

You'll probably maybe kind of notice that where my finger is (and the wonderful flash) shows the black border I'm referring to and how you can see on either side of it.

I just want to know if this is the normal mask lens or if something is wrong with the mask I received. I figured who better to ask than other people with said mask.

Thanks in advance!
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