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Originally Posted by matteekay View Post
I assume this is a typo for "Realism" so I'll help you out.

Here, we have a fine example of Realism, circa the nineteenth century:

Note how the artist paints in tones found in the physical world and the subject matter is of a commonplace, uncolored (in terms of exaggeration or emphasis) variety.

This is an abstract Modernism piece for a contrast (Krasner, mid-twentieth). Most would use Pollack as the exemplary purveyor of this style but, frankly, I think he's a no-talent hack and his wife executes the principals he proposed far better than he ever did:

And, simply because it's one of my favorites, here's a Futurist painting. This style was one of the progenitors of the far more popular abstract Modernism and Cubism. The artists generally sought to capture movement in a stilled, two-dimensional format:

Anyhow, hope that helped!

EDIT: Wait, "Realsim" ? As in, "real simulation" ? How would that even work? And/or isn't any type of paintball a "real sim" for actual combat encounters?
This just made my day, thank you matteekay! In all honesty i have no quarrel with this type of play but i would rather be able to play all day and not have a 8 hour day of fun ended by friendly fire (something that happens a bunch in scenarios it seems). If you and your buddies love it though keep at it and enjoy it. Just don't let it end up like the "cspo" elitists that nearly forced me out of paintball before i even got my feet wet. "your gun is red, you can't play with us kid"
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