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Originally Posted by russc View Post
Damn,'re using a Flex 8 right? I thought those are pretty good about face impacts.
Yeah, a flex 8 full helmet. It must have hit it "just right"... I get hit in the face often, as we are all headhunters... never had one hurt like that before.

No big deal, it is part of the game. It just surprised me and made me laugh. I guess a piece of the shell made it through the TINY holes in the front of the mask... One in a million shot. Course we use Co2 and sometimes when a markers has been sitting a while between firing, that first shot has more velocity than the next few shots. So it could be something like that. I've seen markers where I chrono them at 280 and ten minutes later the guy walks by and shoots one over the chrono and it is hitting 320... And we just set it at 280... I figured it just spiked like that. Plus I was only about 20 feet from the guy that shot me. If you look in the youtube comments he took one to the head right after he shot me, and it whaled on him too.

It happens...
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