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Originally Posted by Gigueand View Post
Hi all,
I've noticed that a lot of familiar manufacturers (WGP, SP, ADG) have gone the way of the dinosaur or have very limited exposure in this new age of electropneumatic wonder-guns. I've seen that a lot of new manufacturers have sprung up (Empire, GoG, Dangerous Power, Eclipse - not just E-cockers any more).
Empire has always been around, great company with good QC in the products, GoG is the new smart parts, and Luxe is essentially the Shocker 3.0, Dangerous power has a good design basis, but shoddy QC and its a crapshoot as to whether or not you get a lemon, and Eclipse still makes wonderful products...with TERRIBLE resale, meaning you can snag an Ego 07/08(some of the best years I think, dont go older than 07 for parts availability and upgrades) for less than 500$, toss in a few parts(rammer and bolt) and you have a marker that will last a long time and is very durable.
Dye does what dye always does and the DM7-12 are basically the same thing with a small change in milling, proto rails are no longer true Matrix's, fine markers but I avoid them. Shockers can be had for sub-200$ nowadays too.
In this day and age, don't wait your money on the new whizzbang marker, by the 4 year old one with the same internals and different milling.

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