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If I was closer I would give ya 100 palets to go with those. Have a MASSIVE pile of them that I get from the Raw materials we order. They just end up as Bonfire starters for me and my buddies. Just built a large chicken coop with some of the pallets and barley made a dent in the pile.

Screws last longer, but require power tools to put them in and repair. Nails just need a hammer and a good arm. Maintainance is quicker, but a little more frequent with nails (just walk the field at the begining of the day making shure nail heads havn't poped out). Nails are also cheaper than screws too.

One of my more favorite style of bunkers to use with pallets was to put 55 gallon drums on each side of a pallet (slats filled in by pieces from another pallet), and strap the pallet to the drums using steel banding (for shipping). Strong enough to free stand, but light enough to move around with 2 people. Just big enough for someone to suck into if someone is coming up on the sides, but not too big (god bunkers as we called them). If we wanted a larger bunker for like the 50, we just lined a few of them together.
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