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Backbottle Rapide with metal barrel and 2 mags ($60 shipped)


Heyo folks!

I have a backbottle NSG Splatmaster Rapide for sale today. The gun is shooting great with no issues (chrono was between 245 and 272 on CO2... what do you want, it's a Splatty) and features a backbottle setup and a metal barrel, assumedly from a Gator. Two mags are included as well as the stock barrel.

The gun's body is in fair shape, with all the dings and scuffs you'd expect for a 20+ year old marker. The most noticeable thing is that some finger grooves have been sanded into the passenger side for a more comfy grip. Also, though it still works fine, one mag is missing part of its bottom plate.

Pricing: Lowered! $60 shipped to the US, Canada will be a bit more.

Trades: Black Magpul AFG2 + cash

Thanks: Thanks!
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