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Originally Posted by Jiggles View Post
If SOMEHOW you have one available when tax returns come, $800 is yours asap. I'm a smart person that does my taxes the day I get my W2 and Have my money in January ...ooh the wait! I dont want to have to wait for run 6!

2 questions:
1. What's the capacity of a 10" feed tube version?
2. If you just have standard ones ready when I have money, would it be possible to make it a 10" version instead?

I'm also having trouble finding any photos of a 10" version to get an idea of the look of it.
well I better not have any left out of run 5 by january lol. No worries though, you wont have to wait by then for run 6

it holds 13/14

Cruise this thread, or the picture thread in my forum for pics. I don't think that I have ever taken a pic of one.

here is waylosts.
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