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That's sort of what Doug Brown was saying in his article (that was one of three parts by the way). The level of entry of new players falling off the cliffs; those players were choosing to do something else.
Which creates a cycle. Without new players the "economics of scale" that have allowed paint prices to come down will, over time, adjust. Without affordable paint and / or unlimited (or nearly unlimited) paint sponsorship the volume of paint will come down. IF (and thats capitalized for a reason) the reason for new players falling off the cliff was volume of paint this will reverse. Of course new players will increase the volume again and we might start all over.

Do I ever think we will get back to the volume that it was in the beginning? No I do not. Those extremely low volumes were due to technological limitations (not the choice to limit players make today) that are not in existance today. However there is a reason that the ROF cap has come down in the major tournament series.
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