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Originally Posted by thumper View Post
yo guys.. back on topic please. I think this is a great thread that hits on a lot of good points.. lets not ruin it please.

If I recall correctly: topic = current pump guns.

salient points: AT = ROF = Not true pump.
YES, AT=True pump. Perhaps not "PURE" pump or Stock-class pump, but it's still a pump.

Electronic frames, pneumatic valves, rotors & ilk = moving away from true pump.
I can go along with that. But I will state that if the bolt must be manually cycled every shot, then the advantages of Electronics and pneumatically operated valves do not add up to a whole lot (improved efficiency really matters in stock class where electronics will be banned - in open class you can run a CA and shoot all day).

is pneumatic assist a pump?
NO. The bolt must me MANUALLY cycled in order to load a ball prior to each shot for the gun to be a pump. If pneumantic-asist is a pump, then Autocockers and Blazers would be pumps.

Are the newest pump markers even "pumps" anymore?
It may be a good idea to start with "What is NOT a pump", and work from there.

I would say, "Any gun which requires only the single pull and release of the trigger to shoot and load a paintball". If a gun does not do this, it's not a semi and is therefore something else. That something else may be a pump.

It may be a good idea to list a few of the questionable pumps and get the forum consensus.
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