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Originally Posted by Tallen702 View Post
..I just think it's stupid to say "paint hosers are what kill this sport and keep new people from playing" based on anecdotal evidence rather than take a really good empiricalistic view of all the contributing factors.
OK: it aint empirical but I know Ive watched the novices show up to the field really excited about playing, and ready to play with everyone else.. and some guy with too much gun goes over to the chronorange and ripps off a burst. Next think you know the novices look at their rental 98, realize they are out gunned, and then immediately start working to make sure they have a private group... and thats assuming the field has the numbers, staff, etc to afford them to have a private group.

Overall the one rip has a CHILLING EFFECT on the novices.

for empirical results I'de say conduct a survey of the novice groups about their experiences at the fields that mix groups vs those that don't mix groups and compare the results. Maybe add the question:
: Are you more or less likely to try paintball again after your experience here today?
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