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Haha, that was the private group playing on the adjacent hyperball field. Basically they were playing 'pain-ball' where they all ganged up on one guy until he submitted. It was pretty amusing to watch someone get their sh*t pushed in while the ref laughed gleefully.

Man, I had a great time. Well, I had a great time AFTER I switched paint and the walk-on group was split into two smaller groups (yay)!

Originally Posted by Brick562 View Post
A very good day. Thanks to Festa and Whee for putting on a clinic today. I think you made some people cry today.
Hah, I hope you took notes on how to tell the difference between someone's mask and a big rock behind a tire because I sure as hell couldn't! That rock got OWNED! ... and I looked stupid...

uh.... BOB LONG!
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