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Cars and trucks get awards, restaurants get awards, actors and moves get awards and so on. We give people, places and things awards to have or gain sense of accomplishment. Kudos to Tippmann for doing something slightly new and congratulations on the award, after 8-9 years of rehashing the A-5, 98, and bringing back old markers it’s nice to see a new innovation from them.

Can we just admit that as players we don’t all like the same brands, markers, paint or what ever?

When looking at a new marker you have to ask yourself what is relevant. Personally not much of what the crossover features is relevant to me. The mech/electo thing, this is not a huge draw, I don’t like to play mech, I like an electronic trigger, my markers are turned down to 10-11 bps but I still like the e-trigger and I put in fresh batteries every time I play so they don’t run down in the middle of a game. (well duh)

Claims of accuracy are really a moot point as well, a good barrel and freak kit will make any marker better and of course quality paint is just as important.

It’s durable… great, so are 85-90% of the markers out there. It shoots underwater well that is supper cool, if I start playing underwater I'll get one.
Again why is that relevant? So I can play in the rain?

If you take away all the hype and the awards and just look at the marker what do you have? If it has what you want then buy it. if not then don't!
But don’t buy something because of an award or a few so called irrelevant features or because it doubles a BBQ grill.
Buy it because it fits you, fits your needs and fits your budget.
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