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Originally Posted by acesn8s View Post
I think the guy in the end summed it up really nice, "Holy ****!"

I liked how they showed just how pressured the team was in the beginning. No time to rest, no place is safe. It doesn't matter if you can clear a house, there's another pack right behind you.

I enjoyed watching them clear the yard, although like a lot of people I thought the shooting was a waste if the fence line killing was working. Maybe if they had shown a large pack following the group and installed a sense of urgency I would have bought into the why things went down. I believe the shoot was just because, like someone above posted, 24/7 brain bashing would get old.

I also chuckled at the riot gear z's.

Why didn't they wait and try and draw any possible walkers out of the corridors to the cafeteria inside the prison, instead of sending a team down there? Why was that one Z just siting there and waiting for Herschel to stumble in to it?

Can't wait to see the survivor vs. survivor encounters. They are quickly coming to the part where I stopped reading the comics. I think season 4 will be completely new ground for me.
Well i think the graphic novels are very different ive read wayyyy past where they're at now. In the graphic novels there are different characters so the show a lot of things happen shane died in the camp in the beginning and he never saw the farm dale also died differently in the graphic novel as well..... the twin girls arent in the show....tyrone isn't in the show. T-dog isn't in the novel and neither is daryl.

Kirkman said straight from the beginning that the show will be different from the graphic novel that way people are suprised.

You guys are in for a treat for whats going to come up (if it happens the same way)
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