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I thought that the homebrew supressors were cool. The group is finally learning something. .22 caliber would be all you need (except on the "armored" zombies-) if all you have to do is get a brain shot. I like how they found an M4 with optics and an AK-47, but need to "home brew" supressors. Wandering around in Georgia of all places for the "winter" I think you'd come up with something decent to shoot. A Ruger 10-22 with a 100 round drum and some CCI Stingers and a scope perhaps? That's what I'd grab. Easy to supress, effective on zombies, has the range and accuracy to clear the yard and it's cheap to shoot.

I wish someone who knows ANYTHING about crossbows would tell Norman Reedus that the bolts are'nt supposed to be 32"long, 14" do nicely.

Predictions: Andrea and Michonne-Hook up and have some girl/girl action.
Carl, who does't think twice about eating ALPO wants to eat the baby instead of naming her Sofia.
Laurie lives on and on to whine, bitch and generally mess up the show like Dr. Smith on the old Lost in Space. Please kill her off.
Daryl/Carol finally hook up and open up a meth lab with Merle and his band of White Supremacists.
Fearlessly, the idiot faced the crowd, smiling...
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