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Warp Left Mag w/ Warpfeed Now For Sale...


I just picked up a couple of mags and only really need one.

It has an RT Pro valve with level x bolt, an Omega rail and the trigger seems to be aftermarket. Things to note... It will come with every thing pictured. The warpfeed is like new. The revvy is definitely not but it worked years ago when last used and has since been retired and has no batteries so it will come as is. The rail was modded with a dremel to fit the warp left body. It looks okay but not perfect. You should be able to see it in the pics.

The only things missing to have this up and running are batteries and the hose to connect the warpfeed to the marker.


Prices: SOLD... $390 shipped/obo

Trades: CCM T2, 6.5, maybe a Nice Series 6 and I prefer 86 frames.

Thanks for your time.
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