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Tippmann X7 Phenom MUST SEE

Paypal only
US shipping only
I DO NOT ship first

I'm selling to pay moving costs so I really need this gone asap and I do no wish to part

Tippmann X7 Phenom for sale
$450 shipped firm
TRADE ONLY FOR A Tiberius 8.0, 8.1 +CASH. CASH AMOUNT DEPENDS on what your trade offer includes
I'm downsizing for a cheaper marker and using the cash to pay bills. Price is firm.
-Phenom Electro
-10" Lapco Bigshot Assault .690
-Techt mods including Bad Karma Bolt, Stainless Steel Ratchet, QEPH, Lightning Rod, Squishy Paddles, Phaze 5 cyclone fitting
-Custom made Extended Shroud
-Rap4 Flexi Air Adapter comes with a 13/3000 tank in stock
-Newer Flex Valve replaced by Tippmann in May
-M4 mag with Magpul
-Magpul replica MBUS flip sights(airsoft version)
-Tiberius vertical grip
-Finger groove style magwell grip &rail that it attaches to.
-Phenom Parts kit
Lapco Cocker to X7 barrel adapter as well as the stock barrel adapter.
-Stock bolt
-Rufus Dog Rubber grip
-Custom made Dye Locklid 45 round hopper
Picture shows what's included. I DO NOT want to sell this but I need bills paid
Ive taken the BEST care of this possible.

A few notes: READ BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS! WILL NOT PART ANYTHING. Obviously has custom paintjob I took my time with it and it really looks good. Its a textured paint like sand. Color is still strong with a few scuffs here and there. I get TONS of compliments on it. -I NO LONGER HAVE THE STOCK ASA AND AIRLINE THAT WENT THROUGH THE GRIP. I sold them when I got the tank in stock. They can be replaced for about $20 but the cool thing about the tank in stock is, when the 13/3000 runs out (about 150 shots) you can connect a remote directly to the fill nipple of the 13/3k and keep going. -Ninja tank shown not included. It will come with a Pure Energy 13/3000 that still got over half its first hydro left. -The bottom rail of the extended shroud was cut to fit a Tacamo conversion kit so to fill the gap that's there when on the normal Phenom body shells I bought the rail that the hook style grip is attached to. It covers the gap perfectly, looks sweet and fits the hook grip as well.

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