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Reality does not make for good TV. Hence why "reality" TV is full of faked scenarios. The TV guide synopsis would be something like "Rick and Shayne build a fence. Carl somehow ends up outside the fence. Lori gets worried."

I would just be happy it's as good as it is. Though I have found it to be boring on a second watch through, once you already know whats coming. Something like Stargate Atlantis or Firefly I can watch multiple times, but not this.
There are lots of ways it could have been handled without everyone going "hurp'a'derp, lets sit with our thumbs up somewhere warm for weeks on end and do jack all. Its getting cold out there after all, got to watch out for frost bite."

They skip over tonnes of stuff in the series where all the boring things 'just happen'. We didn't have a real time depiction of the ladies cooking one of those big dinners, did we? If "Building a fence" is boring, then skip ahead to the interesting bits of the task.

Someone cutting wood gets themselves pinned by a falling tree, and surprise! His chopping of wood has attracted a few walkers.

Horde attack? That's not big deal, we have a fence that is more than enough to deal with them so we're safe. That small herd walking out of the woods won't do much, we'll just have to pick them off from our side of the fence.... oh [favourite choice words] why aren't they stopping? Where are they all coming from? They're starting to climb, and both gates are already blocked! Where is so-and-so? What do you mean they didn't come back from hunting yet?

Lots of ways it could have been dealt with while not requiring people to be totally stupid about things.
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I destroy drives for clients all the time. Sometimes, intentionally.
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