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Go Pro Hero3 Rumors

Had this awesome thing come across my facebook page.......

HD hero3 is a huge step ahead of the HD hero2.
People are going to love these cameras, we will offer 3 models.
White edition, Silver edition, Black edition.
All three models will have WI-FI built into them, they all share the same form factor which is the same rectangular shape but MUCH thinner then the
HD1 and HD2.
The HD3 + wifi back pac, is the same size as the HD2 with out remote.
All three models will be shipped with the new housing, which incorpates an underwater lens and improved locking latch.
The camera has to work as well above water as it does under.
We did have to go with the Mirco SD format as the SD card tray is too big to accomodate.

1)Hero3 White edition: $199 (release 10/21/12)

-built in wifi
-dive lens
-thinner form factor and case
-1080p/30fps, 960p/30fps, 720p/60fps
-5mp photo 3 shot
-1 sec photo burst
-improved housing

2)Hero3 Silver edition: $299 (release 10/21/12)

-wifi built it
-dive lens
-thinner form factor and case
-1080p/30fps, 960p/48fps, 720/60fps.
-11mp photos
-advanced features (protune, white balance)

3)Hero3 Black Edition: $399 (release mid/late november)

-wifi built in
- 4k/15fps, 2.7k/30fps, 1440p/48fps, 1080p/60fps, 960p/100fps, 720p/120
-12mp photo burst (30shots in 1 sec) (plus many more burst settings where you can control how many shots in the burst and how long it lasts)
-WIFI built in remote control included (79.95 by its self)
-Advance features: protune, white balance, continuous photo, picture in video
-improved housing(new latch and dive lens)

So getting the black edition.....

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