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Originally Posted by madasax View Post
Hit 47 with my zerker today, got "Miss Moxxis Creamer" ill post a pic later - RL that does 148,000 dmg - I am having troble getting rid of my class mods, i really like the ammo regen for playing with teams, but i have a few that would rock if i didnt want ammo regen.
Also how do you get to Terramorphous? Some dude showed me the Bee and he had a "Killer of terramorphous" Zerker class mod -
I love this game but man its H.A.F**K second playthrough - Went 5 rounds in Franks,Creature and then made it to round 4 in Hyperion Circle of slaughter -

Shoot me a Frequest on XBL -
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I wish I could find all these wonderful loots. I have the -worst- luck when it comes to loot drops in borderlands 2. The best I ever find are mediocre purples that don't work well with Zero. I did get a ton of purples and blues from Bunker, I may try farming him a bit until I find something I can use.

Has anyone played the new Pirate DLC? It didn't take very long to download so I'm assuming it's a little small. Is it like Knoxx / Robolution or more like Zombie Island in size/content?
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