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Originally Posted by skinnyfatguy View Post
Yes I noticed that a little late as well. I believe it was just a few months ago if you're talking about the one Riddler snagged. Pictures can be found here: Riddler's little collection
Yea, that looks like it. I think it only went for $350 or so too.

Originally Posted by skinnyfatguy View Post
Here's the one he sent me. I'm passing on it so anyone interested in it have at it. I do have to say though, on all of the other Eclipse guns I've seen dating back to '96 cockers, the area where the jewels were placed were recessed or flattened. Seeing how this body is missing the jewel and does not have a recessed area where it would have been I'm guessing it's not an Eclipse. Also, I find it unlikely someone would have separated all of the matching parts from the gun, although I have seen equally as stupid things done to other rare and custom guns.
I never saw an acid wash like that from Eclipse and if you look at the original pic you posted there is a jewel under the powerfeed. However.....I have seen a few markers that did not fit the mold 100%, I had an eclipse milled shoe box Shocker for a bit while working on it for a friend that didn't have the badges but it was 100% spot on in the milling and fade anodize from what I remember. There were a few other odd ones here and there but of all the Eclipse badged stuff the Spyder seems like the most bizare. Cockers were high end, Shockers were high end, Angels were high end but Spyders were never above middle of the road at any point.

I have seen a number of markers show up here missing the original matching pieces....who knows were the rest of it went.
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