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Great Old pic of the Shooters!

This was their 1st Squad. The Mutant Ninja Turtles.
You can't see from this pic but they each had stuffed animals of the Turtle characters hanging on their backs. Tied right about between their sholder blades. Possibly the first rendition of PB agg lol

That pic of Bill Harvey (Thunder Pig) is heartwarming.
People don't know this but Bill never had children of his own that I know of. He was very fond of kids though and was very active in the community as a Big Brother volunteer.
I would see him bring different at-risks youths that were underpriviliged to experience a day of paintball at Shiloh. Something they would never have been able to afford themselves. A true gentleman and Ambassador.

Another thing I just realized.
The Carter Comp that Dave Loo is holding, I am the owner now.
Purchased from him straight from his gearbag....

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