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If they're designing the round to have a larger payload, there's a good chance they will be above ASTM (3.5g, and FS rounds currently weigh 3.11g). Not FN303 heavy of course but, maybe enough for goggle manufacturers and, insurance folks, and possibly recipients (targets) to be concerned.

Also, one of the reasons why the FS round flies so well is that the center of gravity is near the center of pressure (the tip). With a larger payload- the center of gravity will shift rearward which, tends to destabilize projectiles. This is why FN303 rounds have a denser (bismuth powder) nose section- to bring the center of gravity up front..

I wonder what material they are using. Bio/photo-degradable? More or less fragile than the FS rounds?

I messaged them over facebook weeks ago with the following questions and they never responded:
Who is making these?
Who owns the Intellectual Property?
What material are they made from?
This tells me that they are likely not the only ones behind making these which, leads me to believe they are dealing with Perfect Circle and in these types of dealings both companies are probably under a non-disclosure agreement.

If they manage to give us a larger (by volume) payload, I'm all for it. If they bring a round with a heavier weight, I'm 100% okay if it's at or under ASTM. If it's heavier, then I would like to see a lot of public testing in the hopes to show that the shell was more fragile and, less able to transfer energy into the target.
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