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IMO Yes you will. Please don't take offense! I love pumps just like all of you do. However, I fell for the Bob Long MVP hype and I was very disappointed. Many players enjoy their MVP. I just couldn't handle the issues. My idea of owning a pump is low maintenance, few problems, and easily replaceable parts. I blew through 4 o-rings in one game, it took weeks to get the replacement "special" o-rings from BLAST.

What ever you do, do not sell your phantom! Go here to get an idea of the problems others have faced and to avoid some easily fixable problems on you MVP. maintenance of an MVP

I went from a CCI Phantom, to a CCM'd WGP Orracle, to a CCM J2L, to a BLAST MVP and finally to a CMM s6.5.

When, not, if you change your mind about the MVP, My two cents get a CCM anything.

I LOVED MY PHANTOM should have never sold it!
The WGP was used and it was ok
I LOVED MY J2L should have never sold it!
I HATED MY MVP so glade I traded it!
I Still have my S6.5
Yea I don't see me selling my phantoms. I have two right now and may pickup another one. I like to have extras in case any of my broke *** friends wanna play lol. Plus I love the fact that they're so easy, like no hopper needed, just air and about five tubes and you're ready.

I think I hyped myself up about the MVP so much that my expectations were just too high. Specially when thinking about the price....I could've bought a proton for me a semi and a g1 for an extra semi and still be under.

Well hopefully I can get a few face shots with it. But I will be playing back and fourth with the phantom to see if flight path and or comfort will out do each other.
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