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Family emergency sale

I had to have some very expensive surgery for my pet ferret Bandit. Please help by buy something. This is Bandit

Unknown type reg. Bob Long maybe? Not sure if it works, but could probably be rebuilt. $15

Various belt pouches and belt with theigh rig. I was using this to carry a master mine and supplies. Comes with drop leg mount, Valken large pouch, Valken grenade pouch, and OD green dump pouch. $25

Master Mine. Just got this. Tested it and works great. Comes with paint mix and Nylon cord. $40. Will do a package deal with the belt pouch set up.

Bang grenades. Never got to use these. They use a 12 gram to pop, and are reloadable. The black part is disposable and you can by refill packs. The gray spoon part is the reusable part. comes with 9 grenades. $40

Model 98 with Dye 14" Boomstick barrel. Both are like new condition. M98 has brand new detent installed. $60

Original SL68II. Comes with 14" Tippmann Sniper barrel and stock Phenom barrel that has been turned down to fit. Includes BSA red dot site. Velocity is low, but it may be cause I'm using compressed air. I'm out of CO2. $50

Prices do not include shipping, which will be by priority mail unless otherwise stated.

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