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I own a T2, an MVP and a Phantom and love them all for different reasons. I wouldn't recommend an MVP as a 'first' pump, mainly due to the price, but that's not the case here.

Will you have buyers remorse? I don't think so, but I guess that all depends on your expectations. Of all my guns the MVP is the most consistent over the chrono. It is very light and I see where you get that "Phantom feels more solid" feeling. It really isn't, but that's just how it feels in your hands. Of my three shooters it is the lightest setup as my Phantom has a few extra goodies on it that the MVP doesn't (heavier grips, all metal feed and stock)

I do find the MVP pretty reliable. I'm not sure what caused SilentNuke to have such o-ring problems (maybe tolerance issues) but an MVP from the factory that is working properly needs minimal maintenance. I will offer up a bit of advice regarding preventative maintenance: Put a drop of blue Loctite on screws that attach your rail/trigger assembly to the gun body. If you don't and the screws manage to work themselves loose via vibration then you can experience a) the autotrigger issues Taco was having since it'll start introducing a gap between the hammer and sear and b) you can blow out the o-ring that seals the air passage that connects the valve body to the regulator. Those are the only issues I've seen/had with my MVP and both are easily avoidable by something you'd probably want to do anyways.

I love my MVP (especially since it did save my bacon the other day when I was using ultra brittle paint) but I also understand why others don't care for it. It is unfortunate that we all can't agree on the gun, especially since it costs so much, but that doesn't mean you won't like it. Give it some time and maybe it'll grow on you like it did to me. I bounce between the T2 and MVP depending on how I feel and use my Phantom for stock class play. However, if I was stranded on a desert island and had to choose one of the three, I'd pick the Phantom :P
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