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Sword art is progressing well. I'm lovin it so far. I like the twist they threw at you after the final battle. Looking forward to the second arc.

Almost reminded me of Guilty Crown. It all goes well and because the ending didn't sit right with me (in guilty crown) it was a satisfying end. You can't always have the super happy lovely ending. And that made guilty crown an emotional ride.

New season is looking good so far. I bailed on a bunch of the new ones for lack of interest. Rogue hero sucked, I dunno why I tried to hang on....bewbs maybe. Lost interest fast.

is neat for the story...buuuuut...There's a strange overly platonic relationship between two males I'm not enjoying in there. I might bail on that too, the visuals however are really cool. Every scene has a specific gradient map for it, I think that's pretty creative. Episode 3 just lost all seriousness near the may be time to jump ship on that one.

Shin Sekai yori
is neat for the "way in the future" theme. I like how it's so far in the future humanity has started to decline.

Psycho pass.
Insta-fave. I'm not gonna explain. If you like cyber-punk, ghost in the shell, detective stories, and the like, pick it up.

Decent so far. I'll make a decision after ep 2 or 3 if it'll hold me over. I like the Mecha factor, but it seems childish. Not "gundam" enough for me lol.

Chuu ni Byou.
Gotta have school comedy.

Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.
Gotta have at least one love story per season. This one's on my list.

I'm still looking forward to the movie release of Blood-c the last dark and the last installment of Gundam: Unicorn.

edit: suddenly realized I haven't caught the revamped version of Space Battleship: Yamato yet...
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