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The detent in the ghost won't do anything to prevent the issue with breach drops and spring feeds, as the detent only prevents the ball from rolling out once it is already in the bore.

What in this diagram is called a "step" I called a "lip." And you'll notice here that, speaking for myself, I prefer breach drops because they allow for a smaller overall package. Bore drops are nice (love my trracers and would so like to buy a Wintec I see around here - hint hint great deal: and you could add a functional spring feed with it being bore drop!, but they are a little longer.

If one is very gentle I imagine the chopping issue of using a spring feed on a breach drop could be avoided. You could in theory move the pump/bolt slowly forward and have the ball glide gently over the lip of the breach with a light spring in the feed. Even then, I still think jamming would be an issue. Plus it would negate the point of a spring feed - a no fuss loading system compared to a stock class setup where you have to tilt the gun and make sure you chambered a ball.

@ Grendel: Yes, all I was really talking about was that they use the same extrusion. Comparing the sniper-a/c analogy to the blazer-pyre analogy doesn't work perfectly not I think more about it. It's been a long time since I played with a pyre. Tomorrow I'll make up for it. Has PPS done anything to improve the Pyre since they started selling them? Cause it's been year and years since I've played a game with one.

And once more I want to stress: If you have never played with a nelson don't just go out and buy one! Unless (a) you have money to burn and/or (b) you get a really great price on one. Some like me love them, their small package, history and their simplicity. Others loath them. Few would seem to be indifferent. Nothing wrong with any of this, it's just a paintball gun. But my point is, you won't know until you try. I'm confident that with a little effort you'll find someone with a buzzard if not also a new ghost in the Toronto area. I mean it is a big metropolitan area and from what I've heard a lively pump scene.

Then again, it's always nice to have a variety of guns in the kit

p.s. you're only allowed to buy that wintec if you're willing to sell it over to me for same price + shipping a couple months down the road

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