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Originally Posted by surein View Post
Grendal - impressive chrono readings and review. I read the Pyre has a single pump arm and has a tendency to twist. Did you find this to be true?

Toymachine - thanks for bringing a second option into light. There's a bit of pumpers in the Toronto vicinity. Hopefully someone will have a Carter/Ghost

Bacci - I have to take a look at your inventory
Yes, the pump of the Pyre is single armed and you can rock it back and forth a little bit not as much a Sniper, but while playing with it I've never noticed it or had it bother me. Which actually is strange because that is why I was an early adopter the the CCM Deluxe pump kit for my snipers with it first came out because I did not like the twisting of the pump. So yes it does twist [a little] but it does not bother me at all.

I can not say enough good things about my Pyre but Toymachine gives good advice, try before you buy [if possible]. If you were around Columbia, SC I'm taking mine out for a spin on Sunday and would definitely let you play part of the day with it. There are a lot of good pumps out there old or new to choose from.

If you like a Sniper the Pyre is very similar in feel and will feel quite comfortable to you. If you are a Nelson based person it will feel weird to begin with same with a sniper. Neither is better inherently IMO it all comes down to quality and personal preference.

Bacci has more toys then he could ever use

Toymachine, I don't know of any major "improvements" in the Pyre since I bought mine in 2008. I honestly have had no problems with it. The only thing I've done to my Pyre is replace the standard 10" non-ported barrel with a 12" dual vented barrel. The non-port 10" barrel my Pyre came with had to be replaced as my teammates kept bitching about the noise when we were inside rooms >.< . One of the major things I like it it is it has it's HP regulator built into the extrusion and as typical with Palmers the Regulator is top knotch so no need to put a regulator on it for stability. If it works I don't ***K with it.

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