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Originally Posted by chrislognshot View Post
i did find glitch today there was quest to kill monster by Sir Hammerlock when it tell you shoot one type of monster sometimes or a lot of times you do not get marks for it. it took me 1/2hr to get that quest done because kills would not count since of crits or fire damage would kill for some reason you have to kill monster with out crits or have them die of fire damage or any other type special damage. so for i like zero better then axton. for some reason do not mind have turret around. but for some reason zero works better with sniper rifles. also his shields do not drain as fast as axton
I play as Zero and I go down like 300x more than my roommate who plays as Maya.

On a side not I got my third legendary today! the Rocket launcher from the King Mong! 68512x6!

Anyone on Xbox want this Pistol before I sell it?

Damage: 11323x2
Accuracy: 78.0
Fire Rate: 2.0
Reload Speed: 2.2
Magazine Size: 18
Consumes 2 ammo per shot
Deals bonus explosive damage.

I'v been holding onto it for a while but I never have used it. And if anyone want to play just add me on live, XBLGT in Signature.
Sunkistsniper on XBL and Minecraft. Sunkist_Sniper on PS4.

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