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Yea, if you like sterlings I'd go for the pyre over a nelson. The pump on most mid range nelsons (phantoms, ghosts, etc) can be a little stiff, with the biggest difference in the autotrigger (although this doesn't apply if you don't get a pyre with an autotrigger system; on sterling they all come stock with a/t as you know, but you need to make sure your pyre comes with one as it's not build into the basic design). Trying to a/t any non-carter nelson based gun through accuracy way way off thanks to the stiffer pump stroke, especially compared to a/t'ing a sterling or ccm. To be frank, unless I'm bunkering someone or more so getting bunkered I have never used my ghost's a/t in a game (although it is very nice, as you can pull back the trigger, engage the safety and the safety holds the trigger back, meaning you just have to pump to shoot). On some carters I've shot that have a lot of meat on them and lighter springs I can a/t almost as well as with a sniper design, but it's still not quite there.

In short, if you're an a/t fiend, go with the pyre or sniper/sheridan based gun. Just make sure it comes with one installed!

I still think in terms of a/t it goes, from best to worst, CCM-Sterling-Pyre w/ autotrigger-Nelson. In all honesty, I feel like the a/t on my sterlings are as good if not even a little better than the autotrigger on CCM or any sniper, as there isn't any tuning really requires by the user. The pyre has a stroke that is a little (and I mean very small) more harsh than a sniper based gun, but they're basically the same as Grendel stated. Now that all said, I have a spirit that is older than I am XD That's just one of the reasons I <3 nelsons.

Let us know what you do here. Good luck and have fun!!!

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