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Trigger Issue

Well after my second day of play I've had another issue pop up. And was having the same issue the first day but thought I was just half cocking the pump arm and not engaging the trigger.

Out of the box this trigger was lighter than my heavily modded ruger 10/22 trigger group. Even with the adjustment screw all the way out, the DSG was sub 1lb.

Today I was firing without pulling the trigger, just on the pump stroke. 2 out of every 4 or 5 pumps and the sear will not grab. I got home and have been working on it since. The sear has a bit of a concave appearance where it engages. And the hammer part that it grabs on looks visibly worn as well. Could be possible a weak spring. Or a mixture of all three contributing to the issue

As a band aid I ground down a small screw and placed the head under the sear spring to elevate it a millimeter or two. It will hopefully get me through at least tomorrow.

Did you have any suggestions? I'm pretty mechanically inclined with a garage full or tools. If I had to put money on it, it's that sear.
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