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Thanks guys.

I have to say, it really played out well on Saturday. It's like an aluminum and composite P68DF (except adjustable, regulated, 45 gripped, and cocker threaded). The paint we had was exactly the type of stuff I keep a hammerhead barrel for; hardly a round one in the bunch and some you just say "I'm not even going to try that one". That was a bit weird, with the barrel costing a few times more than the marker, but it looked good () and served very well. I found I could track or point shoot with it, which I didn't expect at all without a stock. It snap shoots well; I won a one-on-one with a local with dual pistols. The sight was really good for ambushing or looking for an average shot at distance. TxPPG is always a great game and having a setup that "motors on" for you really makes a sweet day. I also see now why people like the CCI changer. I had one barrel break, after the end of the game, but before final battle, when I went to clear the marker (poo!).

I'm going to ano the little raw parts in black and keep it.

I thought it might get a stock, but it's handling well without one. Between the 45 grip, the fat pump handle, and the sight, it's fitting me well.
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