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Browsing around and ran across a DIY racing cockpit for simracing games built out of 2" Schedule 40 PVC pipe, was wondering if any of you 'mech jockeys had decided to build something like it for your own setup? You can find that build here, by the by. Keep scrolling the forum, he makes some updates to the base design as he goes along, and they do look better when they're painted. I think with a few modifications, you could put your joystick where the shifter is and another one on the other side, if you're into running dual joysticks, and then a drop plate to hold your keyboard in front of you. And you could run a 3-pedal box, have the right pedal be your go forward throttle, the left pedal be your go backward throttle, and the middle pedal is jump jets.

Just a thought. I like the availability and inexpensiveness of the parts (you can get decent seats from the local junkyard for cheap, just gotta be handy with a wrench), and the fact you can modify the plan to suit your own needs or style. And not needing a lot of fancy tools or specialized skills to make one doesn't hurt either.
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