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Duckslide w/one piece feed & Phantom Unibody

I've realized that I have an insane amount of spare Phantom parts laying around. So I'm clearing some of them out.

Prices do not include shipping. If you feel my prices are off send me a PM with an offer.

Only trade would be a Female Palmer Stabilizer with mount

Duckslide with one piece feed, $200 shipped in the cont US with the Traccer BBA
The Duckslide was modified so that it would work with a Traccer BBA. In doing so the outside of the back of the slide got a little chewed up. It isn't deep and should be able to be polished out. I feel that I've priced it accordingly. There is also a mark on the front which was covered in black Sharpie.

Blue Unibody w/home brew wedgits, $25



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