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Just saw this on the Nation: TAG Paintball broken into:

This past weekend when I arrived at the paintball field I work at (TAG Paintball , Hollister, CA. We found that 6 of our shipping containers has been broken into as well our airsoft and team storage units. We had part of our rental fleet taken as well as several of our classic markers that were in storage for the museum we planned on building.... below is a list of the markers we have found to be missing as well as some of our other gear. If you see some of these markers pop up on craigs list or ebay please let me know via PM or Direct email at or email the field owner Roland at


-Brand new Empire Sniper Green
-WGP Ranger
-WGP Sight Ranger
-A Grey Ghost
-Brown Camo F1 Illustrator
-6 Rentals: Piranhas w/300 round hopper, 48ci 300opsi tank

We also got hit for personal property as well as our power tools... so much for getting our new field finished.....

Thank you for your help
So keep the CL eyes open in the Hollister area.
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