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Originally Posted by No Mercy Ever View Post
So keep the CL eyes open in the Hollister area.
Thanks for posting this No Mercy Ever.

One of the shipping containers they sacked was our MUSEUM
I have been collecting 'unobtainium' specimens for years.

Almost everything was either NIB condition or unique one-of-a-kind specimens.
Mainly 'wall-hangers' to display paintball history for posterity sake.

We are still doing an inventory sweep of the missing contents
(Dear Lord, this is painful. It is taking a lot to hold it together)

Some of these were kept from our long history:
Bushmaster Deluxe, from '91 Black Diamonds, 2nd place World Champions.

Some were my personal guns:
Custom made PPS Super Stocker, off set feed, Battle Pump, Plated Grip with PMI rubber, Plated 12gr changer, Spiral Vented, etc.

This is the 3rd break-in 7 years.
Each cost a minimum loss of $15,000.

I simply can't explain the pain this has caused.
(I think 'Bullseye' has taken on a new meaning)

I am offering a handsome reward.
You will remain anonymous, if you want.

Personal Cell 408.426.0786
Roland Chick
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