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Originally Posted by Murf425 View Post
Hey, Lou...another suggestion for a possible accessory/aftermarket part:

We need a stockclass feed for this thing. Okay, so maybe it's less "we" and more "I", but still...

I love mags for FSR, but not for regular paint. But hoppers suck. It's obviously not going to be hard to make one to fit on the CF hopper neck, but a very low profile one that fits right on in it's place and fits flush to the top of the body would be awesome.

Even just a swappable cram 'n jam that bolts on and takes 10-round tubes directly would be awesome.
Already ahead of you, picked up a old Ariakon 10 round feed because it looked like it would fit on our rail. It wasn't picatinny style, but it gives us a place to start. I'm going to prototype it and get a cost and figure out if i can make it affordable.
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